How much does this stuff cost?

I LOVE working with all of you business people and seeing your businesses flourish in front of my eyes. Like you, I am also a small business – I do not have a lot of the overhead that many of the large organizations have so I am able to set very competitive rates. If you have any questions regarding the rates listed below or would like me to elaborate on what each service includes, please contact me.


How do I get started?

I'm so excited you have found me, and I can't wait to start working with you! To get started, all you need to do is click the "Let's Get Started" button. This will take you to an online form with a few quick questions that will help me get a picture of your business. If you prefer to send me an email, you can do so at Ebony email address I'm looking forward to talking with you!


When you first reach out to me, we’ll discuss what services would be best for you. If tax preparation is one of them, I’ll send you an Engagement Letter (basically just a formal letter explaining your responsibilities and my responsibilities in the tax prep process). Then, I’ll need you to send me a copy of your previous year’s tax return.

When mid-January rolls around, I e-mail tax organizers to all my clients. This will guide you when collecting all of your tax information. You’ll scan/send all of your tax documents and send them to me virtually.  Once the prep is complete, I will send you the invoice, along with a copy of your tax return to review. When you give me the “ok” and have paid your invoice, I will electronically file your Federal and State forms.


The first thing I will do is setup a free consultation telephone call with you that will help us better define the services you need. We’ll go over what sources of income and expense you have and create a plan for delivering me your information. If you choose to have me review the bookkeeping you’ve done, I’ll need access to the accounting program you’re using, or the Excel file that you use. I’ll make a list of suggested changes (if any) and you’ll get the accountability you need to keep up with the Accounting then I am able to look at the services that are best suited to you: