When it’s time to think about the number side of your business, you get a pit in your stomach and avoid it as long as possible. You’re constantly in fear that HMRC is going to come knocking on your door and you just feel so overwhelmed with taxes and bookkeeping that you aren’t sure where to start.

That’s where I come in

Hey, my name is Ebony Hancock and I’m the Accountant at Profit Matters. I help small to medium business’ including self employed managers just like you all over the UK navigate taxes and set up bookkeeping systems so that you can get back to the part of business you love.


 How it all began

After giving birth to my beautiful baby boy in 2001 I had to make the conscious decision to obtain a profession to ensure a foundation for my new family and me! Granted the wrong way round but when is anything straightforward!

I started night school and was helped by my son’s nanny babysitting abilities whilst I studied. It was very challenging but as you become more of aware of Ebony you realize that’s what I love!

I was lucky enough to be mentored by an Accountant in Long Eaton who inspired and strengthened me in all areas of Accountancy who had been in practice for over 25 years. I was very blessed with this opportunity as it can prove to be very hard to obtain an accountancy apprenticeship and really get a handle of client affairs instead of being left to really run the admin. My Mentor chose to throw me in the deep end and thus profit Matters was born out of the passion I grew!

I would free lance through my mentors practice whilst starting to source book keeping contracts. This then lead to accounting contracts once I had finally finalized my studies and could actually start calling myself an ‘Accountant’!

I had my second child four years later and balancing client’s, studies and life was a challenge but hey being able to work from home, nurse my children and take my children on client visits was a joy.

In 2013 the hours that I had gained due to my children becoming more independent meant that I could return to industry and gain some insider experience to strengthen my Portfolio. I always have always felt the need to strengthen ones self with knowledge. So to work amongst different industry sectors resulting in me being able to have a real understanding of the requirements, along with my annual refreshing of legislation enabled me to be a confident Accountant!

When I’m not helping clients with taxes and bookkeeping, you can find me playing netball, making memories with the family and friends and just smiling!


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Ebony Hancock




No Complicated Accounting Jargons
‘Knowledge is Power
Ready to get this stuff figured out?
No Complicated Accounting Jargons


Accountants being Accountants, usually speak complicated accounting jargons and make it even more difficult for the business owner to understand. However, I thoroughly understand this. That's why I offer you with accounting advice in simple English. You won't hear any accounting jargon whatsoever from me.



‘Knowledge is Power

‘Knowledge is power – Only when you pass it on!”

“Are things like taxes & bookkeeping getting in the way of your time? “




Ready to get this stuff figured out?

If you’re tired of constantly feeling stressed out by the money side of things, it’s time for us to chat. Click here to contact me and we can set up a free 15-minute consultation to make a game plan for you.